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Death By 1,000 Apps: Why Tech Is Actually Making Us Less Efficient

TL;DR: As people more adopt tools designed to make marketers and salespeople more efficient, new complications arise. Sure, people are now faster at completing work tasks, but now they're spending more time managing different technologies, performing data entry, and reconciling reports.

  • Though survey respondents indicate they have a manageable number of tools, 82% are still losing hours a week due to managing different technologies. Additionally:
    • 72% of salespeople spend up to an hour a day on data entry and connecting records from different sales tools.
    • 75% of marketers spend up to an hour a day analyzing data and connecting reports from different marketing tools.
  • Majority of respondents say 1-5 of the tools they use have redundant capabilities.
  • If they could have their time back, sales and marketing would spend their time increasing the bottom line.
  • Nearly 60% of marketing teams spend up to 10% of their budget to integrate, maintain, and manage their various tools.
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Buyers Speak Out: How Sales Needs To Evolve

Advances in technology has changed consumer behavior considerably in the last two decades. A wealth of information is now available to savvy consumers, who extensively research a purchase before pulling the trigger. This behavior has made its way to business world, as buyers of business technologies, products, and services doing the same type of research before ever connecting with a salesperson. So let’s get real: buyer behavior have changed so much that the traditional sales playbook, developed years and years ago, simply doesn’t work any more.

The idea of “sales is getting harder” might actually be closer to “traditional sales tactics are losing their efficacy” because sales tactics today do not match up with buyer expectations. It’s about time that sales catches up with the consumer with a sales process that matches the buyer’s preferences. If salespeople cater to what buyers want, sales won’t be so hard after all. And what do buyers want? Glad you asked...

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