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When #1 Isn't Good Enough (for Google) Anymore

TL;DR: Traffic to the HubSpot Blog flattened out earlier this year after growing steadily since 2006. Our team dug into the trend and found that the decline was due to two main changes in Google search: the addition of featured snippets on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and the increase in conversational search.  

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Compounding Blog Posts: What They Are and Why They Matter

HubSpot Research analyzed blogging data from more than 15,000 companies.1 Based on our analysis, HubSpot recommends that marketers focus on “compounding” blog posts — posts whose traffic grows steadily over time. These posts are far more valuable than “decaying” posts which deliver a surge of traffic and then decay over time. While only one in ten posts are compounding posts, they account for 38% of total blog traffic across our sample. To maximize the chance of creating a compounding post, write articles that solve readers’ problems, are easy to scan, and feature words like “how” and “why” in the title.
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