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Mimi An

Mimi An
Mimi is HubSpot's Market Research Analyst. She loves digging through customer data, travel, and thinking of a third thing when listing stuff.
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A Practical Approach to Emerging Tech for SMBs: AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, IoT, and AR/VR

TL;DR: Today’s small business owners represent the most technologically savvy cohort of SMBs that has ever existed. From email infrastructure to search engine optimization, CRMs to automated customer support – SMBs today have access to unprecedented technological power, and use it every day to grow better.

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Customer Success Feeds Business Success

TL;DR: Customer service will be a differentiator for companies moving forward, and savvy businesses can tap into a powerful advocacy channel if they choose to provide world class service to their customers.

Customer success is something that many businesses say they value, but many are less willing to put in the resources into service programs. This lack of focus on customer success, coupled with high attrition within the service ranks, means many businesses are slowing down their growth potential.

However, a segment of growing businesses recognize customer success as a key differentiator that will keep their business on the growth trajectory. This report outlines why businesses should view customer success as a lever for revenue growth.

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How Salespeople Learn

TL;DR: There are millions of salespeople worldwide and yet there are no formal sales training curriculums offered in higher education. So how do salespeople learn the sales motion? What type of interaction they prefer? What are they spending their time on? According to our recent survey, salespeople:

  • Prefer 1:1 training, which is difficult to scale.
  • Depend strongly on their managers and peers for support; this is especially the case for women in sales.
  • Are unlikely to change their habits after they've figured out what works for them.
  • Probably unintentionally ended up in the sales profession.
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Topic Clusters: The Next Evolution of SEO

Written with contributions from Leslie Ye, Matthew Barby, Anum Hussain, and Cambria Davies

TL;DR: Influential search engines like Google have changed their algorithm to favor topic-based content. As a result, SEOs are exploring a new way of linking related content under a "topic clusters" model. This report serves as a tactical primer for marketers responsible for SEO strategies.

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Death By 1,000 Apps: Why Tech Is Actually Making Us Less Efficient

TL;DR: As people more adopt tools designed to make marketers and salespeople more efficient, new complications arise. Sure, people are now faster at completing work tasks, but now they're spending more time managing different technologies, performing data entry, and reconciling reports.

  • Though survey respondents indicate they have a manageable number of tools, 82% are still losing hours a week due to managing different technologies. Additionally:
    • 72% of salespeople spend up to an hour a day on data entry and connecting records from different sales tools.
    • 75% of marketers spend up to an hour a day analyzing data and connecting reports from different marketing tools.
  • Majority of respondents say 1-5 of the tools they use have redundant capabilities.
  • If they could have their time back, sales and marketing would spend their time increasing the bottom line.
  • Nearly 60% of marketing teams spend up to 10% of their budget to integrate, maintain, and manage their various tools.
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Artificial Intelligence and You: Demystifying the Technology Landscape

TL;DR: AI technologies today range from simple to extraordinarily complicated. Basic chatbots are enabled by natural language processing, which allows them to understand human language. More complex technologies like IBM’s Watson leverages machine learning to absorb huge amounts of data and create predictive algorithms. This report breaks down the most well-known AI products and technologies on the market today.

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Global Inbound Trends [from the State of Inbound 2016]

Editor's note: This analysis is an excerpt from our new State of Inbound Report. Sign up for the full data readout here.

Take part in the 2017 study by answering the survey here.

Globally, marketers in NAM (North America) and ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) have the most faith in their organization’s marketing strategy. Just over half of respondents in SEA (Southeast Asia) and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) expressed confidence in their strategy.

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